T series

Spiral Bevel Gear Unit


Compact Structure, Right Angle Reversing

T series spiral bevel gearbox can rotate bi-directionally, transmitting smoothly at low or high speed with low noise, light vibration and large load capacity, especially for synchronous control system and screw jack industry.

Rated Output Torque


Rated Power (n1=1400min)




Output Shaft

  • Single input and single output shaft
  • Single input and double output shafts
  • Double input and single output shaft
  • Double input and double output shafts

Input Type

Solid input shaft

Main options:

  • Torque arm
  • Multi-stage combination
  • Backstop

Shaft configuration and shaft rotate direction relation:

  • Same rotate direction
  • Opposite rotate direction

Relation between Input shaft and speed

  • Input shaft input speed: speed reduce
  • Output shaft input speed: speed increase(except ratio 1:1)

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