R series

Inline Helical Geared Motor


Compact structure, high output torque

R series inline helical geared motor is designed and manufactured according to the modular base. It has the advantages of multi-motor combination, different types of installation and structure programs and meticulous transmission ratio, which can meet different working condition and makes integration of mechatronics.

Rated Output Torque


Rated Power (n1=1400min)




Output mode:

Foot mounted, flange mounted

Input Mode

  • IEC connection flange, input hollow shaft, input solid shaft (half coupling) motor adaptor
  • Servo motor adaptor
  • Metric and British system solid input shaft

Main options:

  • Multi-stage combination
  • Backstop

Available motors and models:

  • Y series IEC standard and IE2 high efficiency single and double speed motor
  • YVP, YVPEJ, YEJ, YDEJ series variable frequency and brake three-phase asynchronous motor
  • YZP, YZPEJ, YZRE series three-phase asynchronous motor for crane and metallurgical applications
  • YB, YBEJ, YBPT, YFB series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor
  • YGa, YGb series table roller motor
  • Synchronous motor, DC motor, servo motor

Motor accessories options:

  • PTC thermistor and thermoswitch
  • Individual power supply cooling fan, power-off brake and power-on brake
  • Open collector output, voltage output, complementary output and line drive output rotary encoder

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